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What We Do

The Community Arts and Movement Project (C.A.M.P) empowers creative expression using art, media, education and urban sustainability to celebrate diversity, promote healthy living and connect efforts for social and environmental justice. Expanding exponentially from over 150 events in 2011, we hosted over 400 events in 2013!


CAMP community programs and activities and events are the result of collaboration of Cherokee neighborhood residents, university students, and local organizations. These programs provide needed services, activities, critical analysis and safe spaces for members of the Cherokee community and beyond. There are also many organizations that use or rent the space regularly.

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CAMP Classes stem from the belief that quality community education should be accessible to individuals of all walks of life. By providing a quality dance studio at low cost, CAMP aims to attract many of the best community educators in arts, movement, political and cultural expression.

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We currently have no openings.

CAMP attracts a diverse group of talented artists from around the nation through its AIR program located in the CAMP collective housing. In exchange for affordable cooperative housing and membership of a creative and supportive community, CAMP resident artists make a commitment to the Cherokee community through their work at CAMP. Resident artists facilitate community classes, local expositions and assist with the day-to-day operations of CAMP. Often those without a strong arts backround, but are passionate about the permaculture garden, bike classes, community kitchen and other community events apply to be residents at CAMP.


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CAMP has a rich history of hosting an eclectic and creative bunch of projects, services and programming. The list below shows a brief summary of some of the most notable past CAMP projects and programs and organizations that held events at CAMP. Since 2003, CAMP has operated an open and accessible space that fosters art, media, education and urban sustainability as tools to connect local and global struggles for social and environmental justice: 

Southside University - an ongoing free school effort premised on the belief that we all have something to teach. 

After-school programming - For multiple years CAMP offered homework help, tutoring, and supervised play time after school for neighborhood youth

Computer Lab - Our free computer lab was very successful, and its spirit of digital inclusion lives on in WasabiNet.



Icarus Project - For two years we hosted the participatory mental health healing group.

Bread and Roses Zine Library - The Zine Library formerly housed at CAMP has moved to other locations. 

Art of Resistance Poster Collection - The historic poster collection focussing on labor and environmental issues formerly housed at CAMP has moved to Black Bear Bakery.

St. Louis Indy Media Center - A grassroots news and information outlet dedicated to provided an alternative point of view to corporate news.

Confluence - A printed, quarterly eco-urban journal focussing on environmental and social justice issues.

WasabiNet - An innovative, neighborhood-wide mesh wifi network that got its start thanks to support from CAMP.