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People's Joy Parade 2010 Budget

Below is the budget we used for the 2010 People's Joy Parade, with funds coming from both private donations and an awesome campaign.

Grand Total Gross (private & Kickstarter)3418.22
Material expenses, not in-kind 
Materials invoice reimbursements364.3
PA rental22.51
Misc printed supplies35
Roosevelt marching band50
Roosevelt band bus100
Roosevelt band director150
Bike Racks (Cinco de Mayo STL)50
Thank You letter supplies175
CAMP Fiscal Fee241.39
~172 hours @ $11/hr by 4 people1896
5 hours @ $8/hr by 1 person40
Thank You's compensation 
Misc supplies25
2 Shangri La gift certs50
3 Black Bear gift certs30
Running total3309.2


Puma Rihanna Creeper