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People's Joy 2012 Coming Up - Not Too Late to Help Support!

on Thu, 04/19/2012 - 5:32pm


Hello Everyone! What's the buzz? tell me whats a happening...What's the buzz? tell me whats a happening...
If you haven't heard we are doing it again in 2012! People's JOY Parade season is here, this wonderful year of the Dragon!  The Parade Processional is to be unleased at 1:11pm Satuday on the 5th of May!  That's the real Cinco de Mayo, and on the same day as the Cherokee-wide 5-o de Mayo festival described here:
If you don't know me my name is Jenny Shriner and I am coordinating the parade this year. I would like to update you on what is happening so far...It would be awesome if you could help spread the word too!
We have teamed up with Cinco de Mayo STL for a joint Kickstarter fundraising campaign.  Please watch the video, it looks great!
In addition, for those looking to get the drop on their Parade Support immediamente, there will be a fundraiser happy hour tomorrow Friday 4/20 4:00-6:30pm at Nebula CoWorking, located at Cherokee & Jefferson.
What's more, I went and harvested the bamboo for gigantes and the costume workshops are every Saturday in April with a bonus day on Sunday April 29th. FREE Workshops are scheduled from 12-2pm. I would be happy to open the community center for additional costume time by appointment. We are also having the Footbeat Choir practices with the famous Celia on Saturdays from 12-2pm. You can sing and make stuff or make stuff then sing ... you pick. More info at
We are accepting donations of  art materials if you have items that are clean and crafty. We are also having a themed group called 'Arabian Nights' lead by fellow Artist-in-Residence Chrystal Stone. She is looking for fellow artists and merry makers to join her group. You can make a costume or help in different ways! Kids and Adults welcome.
That Kickstarter URL again is
We have already raised $803 and we have 15 days to go to reach our $4000 goal!! ....... thank you to all who have shared the link and donated!


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