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Parade Volunteer Meeting 4/30 1:30pm

on Fri, 04/29/2016 - 11:58am

Can you help us bring the magic home and into the street?  We can't do this parade without you. We need volunteers help to make this collective joy possible, and we're having a volunteer coordination meeting Saturday 4/30 1:30pm here at CAMP.

The 7th People's Joy Parade is going down Saturday, May 7th, 2016. 1:11pm.

For the past month we've been hosting costuming, singing, and parade projects at CAMP that have been attended by kids and adults. From Tiny Totem Floats to Fairy Wings pictured above, with each of the things we make our enthusiasm grows stronger.

Can you help us the day of the parade?

Sign In (Arrive at 11:30)
-1 Volunteer to work in booth to get permission slips and to photo ids of car drivers.
-1-2 Volunteers to talk to people in lot to confirm they are are signed up and lined up.
-1 Volunteer to assist with car organization.
-1 Volunteer to help with Pop up tent set up.

Face Painting (Arrive as early as 11:30)
Tasks: Paint kids faces. No paint needed. Small Stipends available for Face Painters.
Need: 3 Volunteers

Beverages and Bathrooms (Arrive at noon)
Tasks: provide drinks to participants. Direct those needing bathrooms to CAMP.
Need: 2 Volunteers.

D.I.Y. decoration station- art activity, on site costuming, bike decoration. (Arrive at noon.)
Tasks: Help with any Art activities happening at parking lot.
Use our supplies or make your own project.
Cleanup art activity area when parade has left.
Need: 4 volunteers

Clean up Crew at Lot (Arrive at 1:00-2:15 approx.)
Tasks: put things away at CAMP after parade has left. Pick trash up at lot.
Need: 2-4 volunteers.

To get involved as a volunteer:
Leave us a note on this event page.
or Contact Parade Organizer Jenny Shriner

or Lot Organizer Jenny Hansen
or attend our volunteer meeting at CAMP this Saturday, April 30th, at 1:30pm.

CAMP is located at 3026 Cherokee St. Louis,MO 63116.

Please let us know which task you would to help with.

Thanks for your time!
Sarah Paulsen

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