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Electronics Wishlist

This page is here just for archival purposes!  CAMP is no longer accepting electronics donations.

Do you have computer equipment that you would like to donate? We are a registered 501.3(c) non-profit, so sure, we'd be delighted to take that old iron off your hands. Please contact us for more details.

Please note that we can not accept donated CRTs of any size at this time. Besides that, here is a list of computer equipment we can use:

  • Full computers/laptops (G3 Macs and Pentium-3 PCs, 1GHz processor or newer)
  • LCD Monitors (14inch or larger, please no CRTs)
  • CD drives (30x or faster)
  • DVD drives
  • Flatbed scanners (USB only)
  • Memory (PC133, PC2100, and RAMBUS)
  • Hard drives (20 GB and larger)
  • Any Wifi hardware (routers, bridges, cards)
  • 100M/1Gbit Ethernet cards
  • 100M/1Gbit Ethernet hubs
  • Toner cartridges for HP color Lasejets
  • Inkjet cartridges for HP Inkjets
  • TV tuner cards
  • Audio cards (PCI or USB only)
  • Powered speakers
  • Fan-fold paper for old school dot-matrix printers
  • UPS battery-backup
  • Power strips!!!
  • A locking cabinet (with keys)
  • Anti-theft cables

For equipment that is too old to be salvageable, we'd strongly recommend you use a local electronics reprocessing center to ensure proper disposal. Computers, monitors, printers, etc. all contain metal & plastic that are easy to recycle, along with hazardous materials that must be reclaimed appropriately. We may not be able to help the fact that electronics go quickly obsolete, but we can easily prevent this from becoming an environmental problem too.