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December News - Not Too Late to Help CAMP!

on Fri, 12/31/2010 - 11:03am

You can still help CAMP for 2010!

You can still make a tax-deductible donation to the Community, Arts, and Movemement Project for 2010!   Donate through our Network for Good account using your credit card. We are a verified charity through Network for Good, and you will receive an automatically generated tax deduction letter. Likewise, you can buy used gear using GoodShop with a portion of the sale proceeds going to CAMP.

Click BELOW to Donate!

Although CAMP has weathered this year admirably, growing in size, indeed, we still face a $400 shortfall.  Your donation would immediately help us keep the boilers lit and lights on!

Check out our new website!

After many months of work, we are proud to present our new website at! A facelift, reorganized content, better updatability, a new calendar system and more. We think it complements our new facade rather nicely.

It was built from the ground up on the latest version of Drupal thanks to a head start from the developers at Drupal Gardens. We are proud to support the Free/Libre Open Source Software movement and see OSS as a central part of larger progressive tech guidelines.

Black, Brown, and Green Kwanzaa at CAMP, January 1st, 4pm-7pm

The Gateway Green Alliance, United African Peoples Organization and CAMP are pleased to invite you to the 3rd annual Black Brown & Green Kwanzaa Event. This event features dance performances, food and even some prizes! Please see below for details:

Presenters: Zaki Baruti, Rev. Elston K. Mcowan, D.J. Carlitos Chacha, Capoeira Group
Time & Day: Saturday, January 1st, 4:00PM
Cost: $10.00
Location: CAMP, 3026 Cherokee
More Info: (314) 496-7861

Highlights of 2010

2010 was a busy year for CAMP!  We hosted Forrest Yoga classes with Eleanor Balson, a presentation by the Beehive Collective, the state-wide conference for Missouri NORML, weaving classes with Bridget Kraft, and we opened for the city-wide art tour Open Studio.  Likewise, the Capoeira Angola Group now hosts weekly classes at CAMP, and Strings Attached gives weekly guitar lessons for children!

Not only that, but CAMP also helped sponsor and host the awesome People's Joy Parade for this year's Cinco de Mayo festival!  You can read, hear, see, and feel the energy of the Parade here, here, here, and here.

In addition, CAMP hosted the innovative low-cost wifi network WasabiNet, which doubled in size in 2010 and is still growing! Indeed, WasabiNet's co-founder Ben West received a grant to present on the wifi network at a community wireless techonology conference in Vienna, Austria!

Looking Ahead for 2011

While we work to stabilize financing for the CAMP building, we look forward to awesome improvements to our home!  For example, we just received a grant to replace aging, century-old windows in our 3rd floor, and to finally install Air Conditioning in our first floor!

Likewise, our bikeshop and backyard farm have seen continual growth and renewal, and we look forward to 2011 being their best year yet!

Get Involved with CAMP

Did you know that you can be a member of the CAMP Family Collective?  Anyone can!  This will give you regular access to our facilities, our event space, and much more!  CAMP Collective membership costs only $60/year, and with you will become part of the process of neighborhood renewal occuring right now in our community!

Click BELOW for more information:

Wishing you all a peaceful and rejuventating year 2011!

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