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From CAMP's Facebook

on Tue, 04/25/2017 - 9:28pm

We are having another meeting for people interested in helping with this community art parade. Our parade relies on your support to continue its safety and success. We would love your help! We will be discussing ways to help out on Parade Day May 6th 2017. If you are unable to attend but would like to help in one of the below ways, leave a message here or message the contact.

Meet ing starts at 4:00pm.

Come early at 3pm and join the facepainting workshop free to anyone interested in facepainting on the lot parade day for neighborhood kids. Paint and dummy head will be provided to practise on for the first eight people in attendance.

The day of the parade we need help in the following areas:
------ Please Note Check in Time and contact person

CHECK IN (Arrive at 11:30) Contact Sophia Dalpiaz Brown, Day of Parade Coordinator.
2 Volunteers to man check in tent and release form signing, at lot.
1 Volunteer to photograph driver's licenses of driving participant in parade, using their own phone.

JOYMAKERS- Contact Sarah Paulsen, Education Outreach.
Face painters or craft project leaders at lot to support kids in costuming the day of the parade, at the lot.

PHOTO/VIDEO- Contact Jenny Callen, Parade Coordinator.
Photographers to be present at start and end of parade.

EMT- Contact Sophia Dalpiaz Brown
A nurse or doctor to be present at lot and end of parade, in case of emergency.

BATHROOMS- Contact Jenny Callen
1-2 Volunteers to station themselves at CAMP so people can use the bathroom before and during beginning of parade.

VEHICLES- Contact Sophia Dalpiaz Brown
2 Volunteers to help organize cars as they arrive to lineup for parade.
IN PARADE (Arrive at Noon)- Contact Digger, artist.
2 Volunteers to help with Gigante puppets in parade.

DURING PARADE- Contact Jenny Callen
Volunteers to help move stanchions and block street to protect participants as parade happens.

END OF PARADE- Contact Jenny Callen
2 Volunteers to setup and man a pop up tent at end of parade where we can have water to pass out.
AFTER PARADE (Arrive by 1)- Contact Sophia Dalpiaz Brown
2-4 Volunteers to cleanup lot after parade leaves.

Do you have other questions about being an artist in the parade? Contact Elisa Sugar, our Lead Artist and Adult Workshop Leader.