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C.A.M.P. Newsletter January 2012

on Tue, 01/17/2012 - 7:29pm

Hello Friends of CAMP, and Happy 2012!

This is going to be such a very exciting year! We are planning to have Board Elections at the next business meeting Tuesday February 7th 7pm. We would love to include you in this conversation, we value your contributions big or small and invite you to help us create a positive future for our Collective. Please take this opportunity to consider your participation this year.   

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: 
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. 
-Margaret Mead, anthropologist
Here's what some of our "small but thoughtful" group of CAMPers have been working on:
New Windows for the Third Floor and tuckpointing on the exterior walls are in the works! Thanks to a grant from Kerr Foundation, the Saint Louis City Facade Committee and the continued hard work our current Board President Barb Chicherio and Board Member Mark Bohnert. 

We welcome Sunflower Message Studio, the newest members of the CAMP collective! They are renting space in the incubator studios on the 2nd floor of 3026. We are very excited to have Angel Bone and Rachel Wolff here providing the healing arts to our community. They are also kindly sharing a discounted hourly rate for CAMP members.
Yoga at CAMP is flourishing! We now have donation based Yoga classes four days a week. Thanks to the lovely Heather Dawn Mitchell and Angel Bone. 
Copoeira Angola Classes is still bringing lively music and movement to our bamboo floors every Monday and Wednesday evening. Thanks to Jesse Burg, Alex Chable many of our neighborhood youth have had an opportunity to participate and learn more about this wonderful art form.
Contact Improv Dancing will start again on January 15th hosted by the long time CAMP supporter Willie Zep. Contact Improv is a dance technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. 
Strings Attached music lessons are still bringing young musicians to CAMP weekly. Thanks to Steve Housewright and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church of Ferguson, MO they have been giving kids an opportunity to learn and create music since 2009 and we are so glad to have them here at CAMP.
S.W.E.A.T. Bike shop is already brewing up ways to improve the program, with the continued help from Alex Pennington ( 2011 and 2012 bike shop coordinator), Judy McGrath, Nick Deiner, and Evenn Moore this year is going create a more structured and organized bike shop with the intention of continuing the enthusiasm from last years participants.
Gateway Greens have been busy with the Food Safety Action committee as well preparing for their fundraiser. Barb Chicherio, Don Fitz and and Elston McGowan have invited us all for a Celebration Dinner in honor of Martin Luther King day Sunday January 8th at 6pm at Black Bear Bakery. Also check out more info about the Greens an
NORML is going strong with regular meetings the second Thursday every month. Their art exhibits and movie viewing events bring such vibrant contributions to the CAMP community. For more info check out
Jenny Shriner has recently applied for a grant from the Regional Arts Commision for this years youth programming. they hope to create a youth diploma program to offer comprehensive education incorporating arts, dance, healthy living, gardening and employment skills for low income youth. 
Look for Cherokee Street International Farmers Market 2012! Thanks to CAMP volunteers for applying for and procuring grants in collaboration with CAMP to further our mission of health and wellness in the Cherokee community, more details soon!
Hope to see you at our Bean Dinner Fundraiser on the 25th and we can brainstorm more great things for CAMP's future! 

Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown

Out of the Box Studios
3022 A Cherokee Street
Art Dimensions
Art Rotation Program Manager
Community Arts and Movement Project
Volunteer and Membership Coordinator


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