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Bean Dinner Fundraiser 2/9 And Other Events

on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 7:19pm


Week 1 Jan 29th: brainstorming, image making
Week 2 Feb 5th: painting workshop day
Week 3 Feb 12th: forming the sculptural object
Week 4 Feb 19th: Gluing the frames and completing the lantern

What illuminates you from the inside? A person, your work, an idea? What inspires you about being on Cherokee and/or in St. Louis? 
We are looking to create a string of free standing lanterns emblazoned with stories that will line Cherokee Street as a part of the Southern Graphics Conference. They will light the way for visitors and strangers as they explore this fine city. 

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BEAN DINNER 2/9 @ Black Bear Bakery

We will be having a delicious BEAN DINNER fundraiser at Black Bear Bakery on Wednesday, February 9th, from 7 to 9pm. There will be baked beans, chilli beans, refried beans, bean soufflé, bean compote, bean preserves, and possibly also bean-o marengo. Not to mention beanie weenies! Come on by to enjoy this feast of protein and flatulence!

Black Bear is located at 2639 Cherokee St, just a few blocks East of CAMP. Admission is $5-10 sliding scale, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds!

INTERCAMBIO  every Monday  /  todos los lunes @ CAMP

¿Está Usted buscando una oportunidad para practicar inglés en un ambiente cómodo? ¿Quiere Usted mejorar su inglés, gratis? ¿Quiere Usted compartir su idioma y cultura con la comunidad de San Luís? ¿Quiere Usted conocer mejor un miembro de la comunidad de San Luís?

Podremos poner Usted en contacto con alguien con que Usted puede practicar inglés, solo Usted tiene que estar dispuesto a compartir su idioma con la otra persona. El acuerdo es que media de la conversación será practicando en inglés y la otra en español.  Todos los lunes 19:00 @ CAMP, 3026 Calle de Cherokee.

Intercambio is a program through IFCLA (the Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America) that places English and Spanish speakers in contact with one another. There is no fee; participants simply have to be willing to share their language and/or culture with the other person. IFCLA meets every Monday @ CAMP at 7:00pm. CAMP is located at 3026 Cherokee St.

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